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2017 is a new year. This course can improve your health and jump start your weight loss program.

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Welcome to the 2017 Quick Start Program


Hi, my name is Siegfried Emme and I am a nurse practitioner and the owner of the Loveland Medical Clinic. We run a comprehensive weight loss program and while people are preparing to get started I have them on this quick start program till they are ready.


It is only 5 simple things, but they make a world of difference to your health. Each module will be opened day by day. I have included a little education each day so you become more knowleadgeable about your health. No one cares more about your health than you do. I hope you enjoy this short program. Of course, I you want a more comprehensive program with one on one coaching, lab draws, recipes please call us or join our online program. 



One last thing, at the bottom of each page make sure you mark complete so you can access the next module. Cheers.


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